Membership pricing

Monthly Recurring Individual
Climber’s choice! Most Flexible!
Student Recurring
Climb high, get high grades!
Family fun on a whole new level!
Individual Annual
12 months for the price of 11 and no enrollment fee!
Student Annual
Like a degree, an investment in your future!
Family Annual
It’s going to be a great year!
7 Punch
Good for 7 visits that never expire. Can be shared with family and friends.
7 punch w/gear
Good for 7 visits that never expire, can be shared, and includes climbing shoes + harness!

member benefits

Unlimited Climbing

Includes bouldering, top-roping, lead and auto-belay

Free Rental Gear

All rental gear is free for the first two-weeks of your membership

Unlimited Yoga

14+ free classes per week - included with all memberships. View the yoga schedule >

Unlimited Fitness

Access to our fitness area with high-end strength, cardio and mobility equipment

Free Guest Passes

Bottomless first-time visitor passes (one per day, rental gear additional), plus one guest pass per month for returning visitors.

Gear Shop Discounts

Ready to get your own gear? Enjoy 10% off all shoes, harnesses, ropes, GriGris, chalk bags and merch

Membership Flexibility

No contracts, and freeze your membership anytime for $10 per month

Member Events

Member only events, discounted entry to competitions and parties

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