Improve your climbing strength, edurance and technique at DYNO Detroit


If the ability to grip a few extra crimps is the deciding factor between completing or not completing a route, targeted hangboard sessions can make a huge difference. We’ve got several hangboards to help you improve your grip strength over time.

8x12 Spray Wall

Climbers can "spray" or customize this wall, allowing for dynamic and creative training. Great for general/finger strength development and practicing specific climbing movements.

Kilter Board

Interactive training board, offering customizable and dynamic bouldering problems. The Kilter Board app syncs with LED lights on the board, offering hundreds of routes at your fingertips for climbers of all skill levels.

45 Degree wall

A mini-climbing wall set at a 45-degree angle to help improve your power, strength and technique.

Fitness area

We offer the following exercise equipment:


Rogue Rack with squat stations, benches, dumbbells and kettlebells


Turf, boxes, bands, rollers, wheels – the works


Treadmills, ellipticals, stepmasters, rowers and airbikes