Vinyasa Flow with Paige
A perfect start to the day. Build strength and balance your weaknesses through progressive sequences with Paige.
Guided Vinyasa with Kiley
Join Kiley for slow sequences that gently build to a rhythmic pace. Finish with restorative poses that relax your muscles and increase your range of motion.
Guided vinyasa with Kim
A perfect balance of vinyasa and longer poses. Find steadiness through gentle movements that focus on alignment and end with restorative postures.
Strong Flow with Emily
Ready for a challenge? This is our fastest-paced class, designed to help you build strength and improve your alignment.
Yoga Fundamentals with G
Perfect for beginners and masters alike. This class will introduce you to both active and relaxing postures, with a strong emphasis on alignment, breath and mindfulness.
Restorative Yoga with Kiley
Designed to leave you rested and feeling good! Improve your mobility and flexibility through deep breathing and long-holding posture, and bring more awareness to static poses.
Hatha Yoga with Carmen
A combination of postures and breathwork, this class focuses on alignment, strength and mobility and ends with longer, restorative holds designed to lengthen your muscles and increase your range of motion.
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